Lendico Global Services GmbH

Launch of joint venture in Switzerland in partnership with Postfinance AG. As Product and Technical lead for the project, I coordinated customisations to the core product to meet Swiss regulations, oversaw a Service Oriented re-Architecture of the website application, led the implementation of an in-house custom Content Management System, and drove a complete rebranding of the business. Project completed on time and delivered to market in Q4 2016.

Brewbox Berlin

Helping to drive growth beyond Germany and launch new products.

Berlin Coffee Festival

I helped with Social media

I built the festival website.

Prana Chai, Europe

Built end-to-end logistics and distribution business across the European Union
Undertook B2B Sales and helped take business from 0-100x Accounts
Primary focus on Technology and Operations

Projects for 2017

AEN Water Technologies

I designed a internet-of-things water filtration system which measures and automatically adjusts blending levels of prefiltered and remineralised water. We've already begun measuring water mineralisation levels and are sending the data over WLAN to a base station. The upcoming development phase will focus on the REST API core application which receives measurements, applies calculations, and sends commands to adjust blend levels. Once a functioning prototype has been developed, we'll source first round funding to develop a production ready MVP.

Learning GoLang

For as long as I can remember the most frustrating thing about being a very prolific ideator was finding motivated and dedicated engineers to execute on the ideas. As such, and to help while building the MVP of the water filtration software, I'm going to be learning GoLang I've chosen Go because of its user-friendliness, because of its support of multi-core systems and concurrency (meaning it will help with projects that require scale), and to be fair, because it's "new" and "cool" (while also being a sufficiently mature project, thanks to Google's backing).

Learning Spanish

After realising that I haven't had enough hobbies over the past couple of years, I've decided to begin learning a new language, and have chosen Spanish - mostly because it seems like a language that would be good to travel with (is reasonably widely spoken), and because it is also fairly familiar (you kind of grow up with it in the background of Western TV/Films). My goal isn't to get overly proficient, but just to begin learning something new.

Getting in Touch

If you want to get in touch, send an email to hello at Benjamin Elsworth dot com and I'll respond as soon as I can. Alternatively, I can be found at the below Instagram, Linkedin, and Angel.co profiles, or check out my CV.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/benjaminelsworth

Linkedin: https://de.linkedin.com/in/belsworth

Angel.co: https://angel.co/benjamin-elsworth

CV: http://www.benjaminelsworth.com/cv.pdf